Let your pup have all day fun with our playgroups in a safe, supervised environment both indoors and out

Our selection of overnight boarding options will give your dog the comfort they need when you’re away

Dogs are social at heart and we encourage confidence in a playgroup experience tailored just for them

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

Deb and her team are fantastic!! I was super hesitant and nervous to board my dog Dixie while we went away. She was very territorial and had never been away from me before. But she AMAZED me, by the help of Deb and her team! They got her into play groups and gave her all the love she needed. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing out a side of my girl I always knew was there!! Wentz and Dixie will be back again soon!!

My dog wasn’t used to being around other dogs, when I first brought her to Colonial Kennels. But till we returned she was integrated in a few different play groups, watching the videos showed me how much she came out of her shell. The staff are so caring and want your pet to have a fun relaxing time. They’ll even text pictures while your gone. I know my dog is safe and loved while I’m gone! Would definitely recommend Colonial Kennels!

Deborah runs a clean, loving kennel.Her skills with keeping dogs and cats and her knowledge about their needs and psychology are really impressive. I can drop off my dogs, which are so happy to arrive, knowing I have placed them in very capable hands. Donna is absolutely wonderful and the staff are always courteous, attentive and aware. I tried other kennels brfore finding Colonial. This is the only kennel I will use.Trust them to care for your beloved pets.