Playgroups Are
Who We Are

Colonial Kennels has been specializing in playgroups since 1996. At the time it was unconventional, but it’s something we stand by and take pride in. We spend a lot of time getting to know the dogs before determining where they will be most comfortable and have the most fun. Since the kennel environment can sometimes be daunting to new dogs with all the new sights, sounds and smells, we often first make sure the dog is comfortable with us and becomes confident. We always use leashes when introducing dogs to one another. We try not to have them on for very long but using them is vital to both the dogs and employees safety. When the time comes for playgroups, we usually start by trying a dog one-on-one with a dog who we think they will be most comfortable with. If that is successful, we will slowly start to add to the two of them and eventually we may end up with a large group if that is what’s best for that specific dog. In some cases, a dog may be more happy in a double or just one-on-one and that is something we will determine over time that is in the best interest of that dog. Since we do not pre-screen dogs, we often get those who have not been around dogs much or may be aggressive towards them. We accept all breeds and most temperaments. If your dog doesn’t get along with others, we will make sure they have a good time regardless. We have plenty of different toys, like ropes for tug of war, tennis balls for fetch, and many more. If toys don’t interest your dog don’t worry, we will provide plenty of TLC for them to make sure they enjoy their time here.

The secret To Confident Dogs

Playgroups are an essential part of our services, ensuring our dogs get playtime outside their kennels at least four times a day. Time outdoors can range anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. We make sure all our new dogs are comfortable, safe and happy before introducing them into the playgroup environment.


Dogs are typically divided into groups based on compatibility when it comes to size and socialization. Our reliable staff takes the time to get to know your dog to see if there is another furry friend that would be a compatible playmate or if your dog will enjoy time in the yard to themselves.

Get The Camera!

Playgroups are recorded daily so you can watch how your dog has progressed while enjoying their stay with us. You can always see updates throughout the day on our Facebook and Instagram pages too!