Daycare for your furry friends

Dogs should have as much fresh air as possible, which is why we don’t just put them in a kennel, we want them to sniff around and explore! When we can’t be outside our facility is an air-conditioned and heated space wuth play pools and more to make sure your pet is relaxed and comfortable.

Here at Colonial Kennels we offer both daycare and boarding. We have daycare on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We are closed for appointments Sunday mornings and all-day Wednesday as that is our cleaning day. Even though we are closed for appointments we still treat the dogs the same way and they get the usual four playgroups per day. Our usual daycare drop off times are between 7:00am to 9:00am and pickups are between 4:15pm to 6pm. Rates may change over time, but we offer packages of 5, 10, 20 or 30 days, which make each day cheaper. Once you become an established client and we know your dog is up to date on all their shots there is no need to call ahead for daycare. For boarding we always work by appointment. We want to allow enough time to focus on each dog and their individual needs. We are here almost year round with the exception of the breaks we usually take twice a year for about a week. While the procedures are slightly different the playgroupds are made up of both daycare and boarding and they are treated the same.

Daycare Services

Our daycare services revolve around including your dog in at least four playgroups a day. We offer daycare services on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Dogs are dropped off in the morning between 7am to 9am and picked up between 4:15pm to 6pm. Call us to schedule your next daycare visit.


While here, your dog will interact with all our guests because we want them to be confident in their play groups! If your dog is shy or aggressive, we work with them to build their confidence before joining any group. We offer a group for one-on-one playing, which can vary in size and breed of up to 15 dogs. If your dog needs more time to acclimate, we also do personal outdoor time. Our staff goes above and beyond to get to know your dog and make sure every dog has a safe and fun experience customized just for them.

What’s my dog up to?

Whether your dog fits in a big group, has just one other friend, plays fetch or just gets some good old TLC we want you to know about it. We take pictures and videos just about every day and post them to Instagram and Facebook so you know your pet is having a great vacation!

Pricing and Hours

Pay per day or by multi-day passes for an even better deal!

Daycare is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Drop-off: 7am – 9am
Pickup: 4:15pm – 6pm

Pay per Day

$ 30

/ day

$50 for 2 dogs

5 Day Pass

$ 145

Better Value

10 Day Pass

$ 280

Good Value

20 Day Pass

$ 525

Great Value

30 Day Pass

$ 690

Best Value