Unmatched Boarding Services

We believe your pet needs their own space to make them comfortable and we will work with you to recommend the best option for your furry friend. We board most pets, so even if your pet isn’t a dog or cat please contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

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Colonial Kennels believes dogs need their own private space to rest between playgroups, eat privately and sleep at night. We don’t believe it is safe or comfortable for dogs to share a room with other dogs not from the same family, so we offer a variety of room and kennel sizes to fit the needs of you and your dog.

The biggest of our boarding options is Executive Suite I, which is about 16’ x 13.5’ with a carpeted floor, a couch and 2 chairs. It has an attached and covered outdoor yard that is an 8’ x 8’ square leading to an open-air yard that is 17’ x 18’. The yard has 6’ stockade fencing that cannot be seen through or dug under given the secondary chain link fence partially sunken into the ground. On nice days we can open the door up to the outside so your dog can come and go as they please. The next largest option is the Executive Suite II, which is about 19’ x 8’. While it does not have an attached yard outside it has a door that leads to the main indoor playroom and the Puppy Bowl. The suites can be reserved by anyone who thinks their dog may be more comfortable or feel more at home in them but are great options for small families or larger dogs. The suites are often used for dogs with medical needs since they are easily accessible by the owner, who lives on the premises. For this same reason, the dogs in the suites are often let out earlier and may spend more time outside.

Next, we have our double-wide kennels with two variations. In the main kennel there are two double-wide kennels measuring 4’ x 5’ with an attached private outdoor run that is 7.5’ x 3’. There is a polycarbonate door separating the run from the kennel, which can be opened depending on the weather. There are also two double-wide kennels in the Great Big Kennel (GBK). They measure 6.5’ x 4’. GBK is a separate large room with high ceilings that is often quieter than the main kennel. While there is no outdoor run, it may be more comfortable for certain dogs. The double-wide options in either case are great options for larger dogs or a small family.

We also offer standard kennels in the GBK measuring 3.5’ x 4.5’. The standard kennels in the main kennel are 5.5’ x 3’ that have an attached outdoor run measuring 11.5’ x 3’. We also offer four stand-up kennels in the GBK that are 2.5’ x 4’ x 3’. These are great for smaller dogs that prefer a quiet room. Finally, we offer stand-up kennels in the office that are even quieter than the GBK, but are generally used for dogs that require special attention or even cats or guinea pigs.

With the owner living on the premises, we are able to administer complicated medication like insulin shots for diabetics that may have to be given after our normal hours. Regardless of the option you decide will be most comfortable for your dog, each kennel has fresh water that is frequently changed, bedding that we provide if it will not be ingested, as well as a cot so your dog sleeps off the floor. Additionally, every room is temperature controlled and has its own heating and cooling unit.

What To Expect

Where will my dog play?

We have a variety of indoor and outdoor play areas for your dog to enjoy. The Big Yard has everything for outdoor play including slides and a pool. On days when we can’t go outside we have our temperature controlled indoor Puppy Bowl.

First, when your dog gets dropped off, they will go into the covered runs where they will have a chance to go to the bathroom before being put in their kennel. As the name states, the runs are covered, which is great because they can be used in any weather. These runs are also escape proof as we know there are escape artists out there. We do not leave a dog unattended anywhere from where they may potentially escape.

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Next, there is the main outdoor play area we call the Big Yard. There is imitation turf, which is great to play on, along with a large and small slide, which dogs love and is great for building confidence.

There is also a pool, which keeps the dogs cool and has a continuous flow of water that helps to keep it clean, besides, it’s just fun! We also have a variety of side yards as additional outdoor areas. From these side yards you can see the individual runs attached to each kennel, which we can open on nice days so the dogs can spend time outside to sunbath.

On every fence and gate we have clips to lock them shut. We do this because some dogs know how to open latches with their noses, and we want to ensure no dog escapes from their enclosure. Another great feature we have is the stadium, also known as the Puppy Bowl. The artwork is what gives it its name, but it is a useful area. It has turf that the dogs can use for the bathroom, which we rinse down twice a day to help with sanitation. The stadium is covered so the dogs have a place to play regardless of the weather. There is also a pool in the stadium that is open on hot days. The stadium is also temperature controlled with heat and AC like the rest of the rooms.

Finally, our indoor play area, called the Play Room, has a carpet with a rubber mat underneath, which is great for the dogs to play on because it is gentle on their joints and they are much less likely to slip. It is attached to the outside, so while they play a door can be opened so they can take a break from play or cool down in the pool. The Play Room is also the room in which our famous run throughs end. The dogs love to be able to run as fast as they can through the kennel and everyone loves it!

How will you keep track of my dog?

Your pets care and safety are our top priorities. We maintain ID cards with notes about feeding, medications and any concerns. For example, we look for any eating patterns that may require hand or spoon feeding. Colonial Kennels takes a personal approach where we can focus on the individual needs of your pet.

It is very important to us things are done the way that you request and are always done in the dog’s best interest. We do so by speaking to you at the drop off about anything that is important to know about your dog. Do they have an allergy? Let us know! Any restrictions on play? Please tell us. We want to keep your dog safe and healthy, and we will keep track of all notes on their ID card, so all employees are made aware. We are also sure to diligently write down instructions for feeding and giving medication to follow what you do at home to the best of our abilities.

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It is important to us to pay close attention to your dog’s health and make note of anything concerning. For example, if we notice your dog has not been eating, we will try to entice them to eat. Hand or spoon feeding is something we are happy to do if it gets your dog to eat. Another example is if your dog has diarrhea, we will first try to get it under control ourselves and if it goes on for more than a few days we will bring your dog to your vet.

Being that we are a smaller kennel, we are more equipped for a personal approach. The employees quite often know most dogs on a personal level and treat them like family. This allows us to better keep track of each dog’s individual needs as we don’t have hundreds of dogs to remember.

What should I bring?

When your pet stays with us you just need to bring food, treats and them of course! We provide food and water bowls, blankets and a place to sleep. There are cots in the kennels and beds for smaller dogs. Be sure to pack extra food just in case you can’t make it back on time.

At Colonial Kennels we have plenty of food and water bowls, blankets, and towels. Therefore, you just need to bring your dog’s food and any treats. We recommend you not bring special blankets from home because we do not want to get them lost in the wash or chewed up by another dog. We do laundry multiple times a day and make sure your dog’s kennel is always in good shape to be as cozy as possible while they are with us. We also set up most kennels with a cot to give you dog an elevated surface to sleep on, which most dogs love.

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We also have comfy beds for smaller dogs we can use as needed. Additionally, we have a fridge, freezer, and microwave, which means we can essentially do whatever you do for you dog at home. We want to make sure they have a pleasant experience and eating is part of that. Also, it is always a great idea to bring enough food for a few extra days just in case you can’t make it back as planned. For example, if your flight gets delayed. We are always happy to keep your pup for an extra day.

Boarding Pricing

All prices are for one dog unless otherwise noted. A list of all prices and options is available here.

Rates include playgroups each day, and are all-inclusive (except food) unless specialty services are required, such as hand feeding, medication / injections, etc.

Standard Kennel

$ 42

/ day

2 Dogs Together – $62 / day

2 Dogs Separate – $84 / day

Executive Suite I

$ 85

/ day

2 Dogs – $105 / day

Double Wide Kennel

$ 48

/ day

2 Dogs – $68 / day

Executive Suite II

$ 65

/ day

2 Dogs – $85 / day