About us

A happier, more socialized dog

Since 1996, Colonial Kennels provided Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare, both fully integrated with our unique approach to playgroups, which we videotape. Playgroups are not an additional charge, as we believe exercise and socialization are a necessity not an extra. First time clients should make an appointment for a tour of the kennel, which would include a demonstration of how we organize playgroups. This is important, since we do not put all dogs in one group. Sometimes a playgroup will be large with many dogs, and sometimes the right fit for your dog may be just playing fetch. Either way, our goal is to find whatever suits your dog the best. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for your dog and feel a real sense of accomplishment when a fearful, apprehensive dog learns dog social skills and becomes an accepted member of the pack.

Our Team

We are passionate about pets, our customers and our team members. We are passionate about being the best at everything we do.

Who works here?

At Colonial Kennels we look to employ people who are committed, enthusiastic, responsible, and most of all, people with a genuine love for animals. We appreciate potential employees to be patient in learning the skills it takes to have such a fun job but also enthusiastic to learn from our hardworking team. Just like a pack, we strive for a civil and friendly environment, therefore a potential employee must be a team player! If this sounds like you then get in touch with us!

Colonial Kennels is a fun and playful working environment. While the job is very fun and the staff and customers are always friendly, it is important to remember that the safety of both the animals and staff are a priority. Therefore, the job should be taken seriously as caring for these amazing animals is a big responsibility.

Do you want to work here too?