Due to new kennel State regulations which we have already started working on to put in place, we will be closed for daycare and boarding from June 3rd-June 9th. However, current boarding reservations will be honored. Apart from the required renovations, we are excited about additional improvements to add to your dog’s playgroup experience here.

The other important requirement by the State is the Rabies Certificate. This document is given to you by your vet after the Rabies vaccine is given. We do not need the original, just a copy which can be faxed or emailed to us. We would appreciate your sending this to us as soon as you can.

Additionally, we have been told that all dog and cat kibble must be in a storage container or bin with a cover.* We prefer that the bin hold 20lbs or less of food, unless your dog or cat is staying for a longer period of time, in which you can bring larger bags of food. If you don’t have bins at home, we will be happy to provide them here.

Food & Meds

Further, PLEASE, PLEASE bring more than enough food and medications! If you are delayed due any circumstances it is very important that we continue the same food and medications for their boarding stay. We will return any food and medication left over. 

[Note: We use an 8-ounce measuring cup here, if you use a different measurement, (which we call a “scoop”), please bring that with you].

As your dog’s wellbeing is our primary concern, when we don’t receive enough food or medications for your pet’s stay, this worries us. Given the steps we have to take to normalize that situation, we are sorry to have to add a surcharge at our discretion starting February 1 st 2024.